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Full Figure Fashion Fall 2016: Pink Fashion Trend

By ErinStieglitz on May 2, 2018

Full Figure Fashion Fall 2016: Pink Fashion TrendIn October we like to “think pink” in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, when you wear your pink you’re also staying right on trend for fall 2016. Feminine shades of pink are more powerful than ever. In today’s full figure fashion report we’re taking a look at the pink fashion trend of the season.

You may think of pink as a spring and summer color but designers from the top of the runway to the bottom will change your view. Blush, bubblegum, rose or hot, this color makes a statement in more ways than one this fall. As we prepare our wardrobes for a new season and support breast cancer awareness, pink is the trend to wear.

When you’re considering how to incorporate pink into your full figure fashion this fall, remember, it’s all about the fabric. Fall and winter friendly fabrics such as cashmere, wool, felt, velvet, mohair and faux fur are right on target. These elegant materials are especially ripe for winter coats, suits and draped sweaters. They’ll keep you warm and cozy as the weather cools too.

Add sheen to your pink and you’ll also look incredibly well-dressed this fall. Shimmery fabrics such as lame, jeweled tones, sparkles and sequins introduce pizzazz to your seasonal wardrobe. Consider mixing shiny materials with prints as well. This glossed look will certainly turn heads and keep you looking sharp for the breast cancer awareness cause.

You can also incorporate some other fall 2016 trends into your pink full figure fashion. Mid-calf dresses, ruffled sleeves, off-the-shoulder tops, sheer pieces, and pant suits are all spot on for the season. Add your own flair to the pink trend to make this color reflect your personal style.

Of course no pink outfit would be complete without a pink ribbon in October. That’s one accessory that goes with everything in your fall wardrobe.

Make your stylish full figure fashion look stand for something this fall by wearing pink!

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