Full Figure Fashion: Winter Trends for 2015/2016

It’s time for our latest full figure fashion report.  We’re taking a look at winter trends for 2015/2016.  It’s a great season for flowy yet functional looks that will keep you cozy and chic during the winter months.  Sporty, bold and tailored looks are also in style, while flirty hues, sassy footwear and silhouettes keep things sexy and feminine.

Here’s a glance at the full figure fashion trends for winter 2015/2016:

Young attractive woman wearing a sweater with faux fur hood.Shaggy Chic in Sweaters and Faux Fur

The draped oversized sweater continues to make a splash this winter.  Trends include shaggy, wooly and faux fur styles in a variety of neutral colors.  This trend also works in turtlenecks, which are highly popular this season.  Keep underneath layers simple like a fitted long sleeve tee or oxford shirt and pair your comfy, cozy sweater with a pant on the tighter side to show off your curves.  Women with broader shoulders may want to draw in their silhouette with belts or ties to appear less boxy.

Leather Pants and Skinny Jeans

You can’t go wrong with leather pants this season.  With legging, pant or jean-style black leather pant options, find the fit that works best for your figure.  Feel free to play with the traditional leather pant with a slimming vertical stripe down the outer leg.  Skinny jeans also rock this winter but make sure you stay comfortable in the jean you select.  Rider boats or chunky heels look great with both of these slimming pant choices.

A-Line Skirts and Dresses

A-lines are uber flattering on many body types and are easy to achieve in short skirts, knee-length skirts, high-waisted skirts, empire waist dresses, wrap dresses and other fitted dress styles.  If you go with a skirt, wear a fitted blouse that will keep the line clean and hug your best assets.  You can even find A-line winter coats that work beautifully with every outfit in your wardrobe.

Superhero Capes and Dresses

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no, it’s a fashionista!  Capes are super popular for winter 2015/2016.  They make terrific coat-style wraps to cover any outfit or can be a statement top.  If you really want to stand out at your holiday parties this year, look for floor-length caped dress.  No longer a costumed look, capes are super fashionable and flattering this season.

Camel and Pastel Hues

Camel-colored sweaters, wraps and coats are the perfect versatile neutral to go with everything in your wardrobe, from prints, bright colors or other neutrals including black, white, grey, brown and navy.  Camel bags also make it easy to transition from outfit-to-outfit without needing to change your purse.  Pastels are on trend this season too.  These muted colors are feminine and sweet for dresses, coats and sweaters.

Tailored Sporty Ensembles

Staying comfortable has never been so simple as this winter. Sporty looks are not just for heading to the gym, but also make chic, everyday ensembles.  Pair jeans or athletic pants with fitted sweatshirts or sporty denim and leather jackets.  And a great pair of trendy sneakers (not necessarily for actual athletics) will complete this popular look.

Heels, Gloves and Scarves

Heeled boots and stilettos are in style this winter with every look in your repertoire.  For warmth and fashion, invest in a nice pair of fitted leather gloves that don’t inhibit your fingers.  Yes, that means you should still be able to type texts while wearing them.  And if you’re feeling ho-hum about your outfit, add a bright or interesting scarf.

As always, be sure your full figure bras meet the needs of your winter wardrobe.  Have a blast putting together these full figure fashion trends this season!!

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