Full Figured Fashion: Fashionably Warm Winter Coats

Our full figured fashion reports bring you the latest style news from head to toe, and intimates to outerwear.  Today’s topic, coats.  As summer has officially ended and the cooler days of fall have arrived, it’s time to trade in our beach cover-ups for coats and wraps.  Like the color and detail fashion trends we shared earlier this month, fall and winter coats make bold statements.  Oversized coats, feminine capes and sleek camel colors are the trends of the season.  We’re breaking it down for you here:

Full Figured Fashion  Fashionably Warm Winter Coats

Oversized Coats

Oversized overcoats and blazers lined the runways during Fall Fashion Week earlier this year.  Add some feminine touches by selecting coats in soft colors or with jeweled buttons.  Also, cinching the waist with a belt or choosing a style with a pleated bias forms tailored lines that follow your figure.  Look for rounded shoulders and sleeves for that “wow” factor, which also creates a slimming effect. Oversized coats are great for chilly winter days when you want to wear a skirt and heels but need to stay warm outdoors.


Watch out Dracula, full figured fashion is stealing your look!  Capes can be fun, flirty and functional in cool and cold weather.  The open-front style acts as a shawl allowing plenty of air flow, yet keeping you covered and warm.  Some capes clasp in front, while others simply drape across the shoulders.  Short and long styles are fashionably on target.  Select styles that incorporate other seasonal trends, such as rounded shoulders, high impact detail and winter whites.

Camel Coats

Whatever style suits you – an oversized trench, a floor-length cape, or a sleek, modern blazer – camel hues are an excellent choice to match almost anything in your wardrobe.  It’s a sophisticated color that is the perfect finishing touch to your well-assembled outfit.

Coat Considerations

Definitely consider the length of your coat when selecting your full ensemble as some coats may hit your outfit awkwardly, while other longer coats may drag if you’re not wearing heels.  Also, consider the weather so you don’t ruin lighter colors with mud, or damage finer fabrics with rain.  And of course, much like your bra, wear a coat that will be comfortable for whatever you have planned for your day.

Now that you have your outer wear squared away, we’re here to help you save on your fall intimates.  Enjoy 30% off one regularly priced bra when you buy two or more during our Fall Into Savings Event.  Happy Shopping, Fashionistas!

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