Fun Ways to Predict Girl Baby vs. Boy Baby

Roll the Dice - Deliver Boy or Girl Baby in PregnancyOther than through blood tests, ultrasounds and amniotic testing, there is no way to predict with certainty whether you are having a girl baby vs. boy baby.  However, that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to try!  For centuries people have developed methods and theories to predict babies’ genders.  They may not be accurate, but they sure are fun to indulge.  Today we’re taking a look at some of the more popular amateur predictors of whether you are having a girl baby vs. boy baby.

How You Carry:  When it comes to wives’ tales, the way you carry your baby is a common indicator of a girl baby vs. boy baby.  Many people believe girl babies sit higher in the womb and boy babies sit lower.  Others think that boys cause their mother’s bump to stick straight out while girls make their mother’s bump grow wider from side-to-side.

Morning Sickness:  Another widespread pregnancy lore is that morning sickness is worse with girl babies than boy babies.  The truth is that doctors still don’t fully understand what causes morning sickness and why some women experience it while others do not.  However, many women who have been through pregnancy claim they were sicker with girl babies than boys.

Cravings:  Here’s a fun one:  if you’re having a girl, you crave sugar and spice and everything sweet, including fruit.  If you’re having a boy, you crave meat, protein and hearty meals.  Although a little stereotypical, it is fascinating to dissect your cravings as a predictor of your baby’s gender.

Face Forward:  Acne and other skin and facial changes are common during pregnancy.  Some people believe if your face gets rounder during pregnancy, you’re having a girl and if your face stays slim, a boy is on the way.  Similarly, clear skin is believed to be a sign of a boy while pimples sometimes indicate a girl.

Breast Changes:  Yes, your breasts are changing to get ready for milk production and breastfeeding.  But what can your breasts tell you about the gender of your baby?  Well, legend says a larger left breast means you’re having a boy and a larger right breast means its pink all the way.  Also, some believe that darker nipples are a sign of a boy.

Urine Sample:  Urine samples can certainly tell you that you ARE pregnant, but perhaps it holds a clue to what you’re pregnant with.  This theory implicates bright yellow urine for boys and dull, cloudy urine for girls.  If only your urine could come out blue or pink, it would be so simple.

Ring Test:  This one seems strange but perhaps there is something to the mysterious test.  Put your wedding ring on a string and dangle it over your baby bump.  A side-to-side motion means you’ll be welcoming a girl while a circular motion indicates a boy.  Weird, but worth a shot, right?

Key Test:  Does this one hold the “key” to baby girl vs. baby boy?  Hand a mom-to-be a key and take note of where she holds it.  If she grabs the wider top part, a girl is on the way.  But if she takes the skinner long part, it’s a boy for her.

Sleep Test:  Hopefully you are getting some zzz’s during pregnancy.  Ancient wisdom purports that left side sleepers are having boys and right side sleepers are having girls.  If you sleep propped on your back, it’s all a gamble!

We hope you enjoy these whimsical ways to predict whether your baby will be a girl baby vs. boy baby.  While none are proven to be tried and true, they sure are fun to play.

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