Guest Post: Leading Lady partner, look good feel better

We at look good feel better are proud to be partnering with Leading Lady, to help raise funds and awareness for the look good feel better program in 2012.  For those of you that may not have heard about what we at look good feel better do here is a short synopsis:

The look good feel better program is dedicated to changing the way people with cancer approach their disease: Giving them tools, giving them hope and letting them know that they can have some normalcy in a life that is by no means normal.

Together with the Personal Care Products Council Foundation, the American Cancer Society and the Professional Beauty Association | National Cosmetology Association, look good feel better has, for more than 20 years, changed the lives of people with cancer by reminding them that they are beautiful, inside and out.

Through innovative programs like workshops and webinars, look good feel better  has helped hundreds of thousands of people with cancer improve their self-esteem and confidence by teaching them how to apply cosmetics and accessories that help address the changes in skin and hair loss that often accompany cancer treatment.

look good feel  better has served more than 800,000 people with cancer in the U.S. and nearly 1.5 million people with cancer around the world since the program’s inception.

More than 14,500 volunteers across the country dedicate more than 225,000 hours to look good feel better every year.  Globally, more than 20,400 volunteers donate their time and talents to the program.

look good feel better is supported by 262 companies who provide financial, product and in-kind donations.

By mitigating the outward side effects of cancer treatment, look good feel better is reminding cancer patients of all ages that they are indeed beautiful. Beauty begets hope. Hope begets strength. Strength helps transform cancer patients into cancer survivors.

look good feel better  feels it is important to work with organizations that share our passion for inspiring women, helping to improve their self- esteem and confidence. Leady Lady is a wonderful example of an organization that does all that!

In the spirit of helping to inspire women please be sure to share our new look good feel better PSA on Facebook, Twitter or your own blog.  You can find the video on your YouTube channel at

For more information about the look good feel better program, or how to find a workshop in your area, visit Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook at, and follow us on twitter at

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