Hairstyles 2015: Switching It Up this Winter

Why is it when the summer sun begins to dwindle we head straight for the box of dark hair color without even thinking about it? Is it strange we have to change our hair color to match the mood of the weather? Instead, put down that box of burgundy hair dye and follow this new winter trend until the end of 2015!

This winter stylists are heading towards a different route than the dark and sad pasts of the winter’s before. This year they are brightening things up with natural and softer colors. Below are the top picks for 2015:

Photo credit: miguel77 / / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: miguel77 / / CC BY-SA

Sunkissed Brunette: Follow models and actress such as Jessica Alba and Alessandra Ambrosio for this great look that can be worn all year round. If you already have natural dark brown hair, try lightening up your ends to add some warmth to those locks.

Rusted Cooper: If you still want to change your hair to that flashy red, try something a little more subtle and test out the rusted cooper look. This look has a beautiful blend of auburns, coopers, and warm honey tones that look great on anyone with natural dark hair.

Photo credit: gdcgraphics / / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: gdcgraphics / / CC BY-SA

Golden Strawberry: Here is another favorite if you’re into the red hair look. If you’re naturally blonde this is the prefect look to warm up your cool tones.  Amy Adams and Bella Thorne make this look absolutely fabulous.

Buttery Blonde: Another blonde must-have! This look embraces your natural blonde color but brightens up the ends with a warm buttery look.

Carmel Gold: This style is absolutely gorgeous on any color. Whether you’re naturally blonde or brown you can lighten or darken up your hair with this warm Carmel look with gold accents.


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