Happy (early) Mother’s Day!

mother's day flowers
Hi Mom’s and Mom’s-to-be!  I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Mother’s Day.  For some of you this will be your first, which is VERY exciting.  Embrace this special day.  Maybe take some time for yourself with a longer-than-usual soak in the tub, a long overdue nap or a few extra minutes or hours (if you are lucky enough) of sleeping later on Sunday morning.

Mother’s Day is a good time to reflect back on everything that you have accomplished as a mom over the past year.  If your baby is brand new it won’t be hard to recapture the memory of your first glance at him.  For those of you with older children, think back on the multitude of opportunities you have given your children to learn and grow.  Mothers Day also gives us a great opportunity to remember our own mothers and recognize them for giving so much to us.  Once we experience motherhood ourselves, we truly realize and appreciate how much our own mothers have done for us!

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