Happy Father’s Day to New Dads (and New Moms)

Happy Father's Day to New DadsAs I’m sure you are discovering, new motherhood is one of the most rewarding, challenging and exhilarating times in your life.  And this is true of new fatherhood as well.  Although your baby’s dad did not carry your little one for 9 months or personally feel labor pains, he has been part of each experience in his own way.   Whether he was rubbing your swollen feet or being your biggest cheerleader during delivery, dad has been by your side, and your baby’s side, every step of the way. 

It is easy to get caught up in motherhood when baby comes first these days.  So this Father’s Day, consider a gift the whole family can enjoy: a sexy new nursing bra from Leading Lady!  Baby will be happy with simple access to mother’s milk.  You will be happy because you’ll feel comfortable and supported.  And your baby’s father will be happy because his beautiful, feminine wife still makes his heart skip a beat.  So whether it is a lace cup, lace framed or lace trimmed nursing bra, or perhaps it’s a sassy azalea chemise, give dad the gift of a happy family and that gorgeous gal he sees every time he looks into your eyes. 

Happy Father’s Day to the entire family!

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