Healthy Eating: Boost Your Breakfast


Do you have the breakfast blues? Don’t worry—we’ve got some great suggestions to spice up your morning routine that are baby and kid friendly. Healthy eating is made simple with these easy adjustments to your standard bowl of oatmeal. Many lactation consultants recommend eating oatmeal to nursing moms as a way to produce more milk. Because oatmeal is loaded with iron, it’s not only healthy for you but your baby reaps the benefits as well.

Instant vs. rolled oats

Whether you use your microwave or stove top, cooking oatmeal is quick, easy, and mess-free. You can buy instant oatmeal packets or entire containers of steel cut oats that are affordable for all grocery budgets. I recommend trying steel cut oats for your next oatmeal batch because there are no additives and extra sugars in most bulk oat containers—just oats! You get to decide which sweeteners and additions to add.

Healthy eating details

Once you’ve successfully cooked your oatmeal (quick recipe see here) it’s time to think about toppings. Most oatmeal connoisseurs like to add some kind of sweetener—maple syrup, agave syrup, honey, or brown sugar are all wonderful, tasty options. Crushed almonds, walnuts, or pecans are great nut options that will add fiber, healthy unsaturated fats and other nutrients to your breakfast. Oats themselves are loaded with antioxidants and word to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Since you’re starting with a healthy base, it’s a good idea to only add other food items that are both delicious and healthy. There’s nothing like starting off your day with a good, filling breakfast!

Outside the box with healthy eating

So you’re looking for oatmeal toppings that are out of the ordinary—look no further! Have you tried mixing oatmeal with an exotic fruit spread? Try a lingonberry jam instead of your typical strawberry or grape spread; it’s a Scandinavian berry that doctors have touted as a “superfruit.” You can find it in specialty grocery stores or home goods shops. You can mix pomegranate seeds in your oatmeal for a tart sweetness and surprise crunch factor too! Pomegranate is a natural antioxidant and helps to lower blood pressure as well as boost the immune system. It’s a great breakfast addition that helps fight against cold and flu season all winter long.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to involve complicated or labor-intensive meals; as long as you’re using healthy ingredients and avoiding unnecessary additives, you’re on the right track! Make healthy eating a habit by starting with your breakfast routine.

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