Herbs to Improve Breast Health

Natural health solutions are a great preventative measure and way to boost sustained health and wellness.  When it comes to breast health, the natural way is no exception.  For centuries specific herbs has been used to promote healthy breasts and to enhance the female form.  Many of them are still recommended today so we’re taking a closer look at herbs to improve breast health.

Herbs to Improve Breast HealthFennel:  This popular herb helps regulate female hormones, especially in women with amenorrhea or lack of a menstrual cycle.  It supports breast milk production and can help enlarge breasts as well.

Turmeric:  Curcumin is a rare antioxidant extract found primarily in turmeric that is tremendous for breast health.  The best way to reap the benefits of this herb is to add turmeric to foods or you can find curcumin in capsule form.

Watercress Leaf:  Shaped like a heart, this herb is super for your breasts and fertility.  It contains Vitamin E, folic acid and lucein that promotes healthy breast development.

Scutellaria Barbata:  Hard to pronounce, yes, but this herb in the mint family helps scavenge mutated cells that may cause breast cancer.  Scutellaria Barbata is rich in wogonin, a supercharged antioxidant that quashes free radicals.

Red Clover:  Red clover is called an “anti-cancer” herb by some because it contains phytoestrogens that may reduce and dissipate cancerous cells.  This herb is usually consumed in hot tea or as an infused chilled beverage.

Fenugreek:  Commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine, Fenugreek is most widely known to increase breast milk production in lactating mothers.  It contains diosgenin, a compound that mimics estrogen and stimulates lactation, menstruation, fertility and breast enlargement.

Wild Yam:  This herb helps regulate female hormones, especially prior to and after menopause.  It can be consumed as a tea or in a powder supplement, or its paste can be massaged directly onto breasts.

Dandelion Root:  Research indicates that dandelion root helps new breast cells and breast tissue form.  This increases healthy cell production, which is critical for breast health and reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Saw Palmetto:  The phyto-nutrients in saw palmetto help strengthen breast tissue.  The herb is most commonly used for prostate health, but because it stimulates the thyroid, it also helps with female reproductive issues as well as breast health.

These herbs to improve breast health are the first step in strengthening your breasts and reducing risk of cancer and other breast problems.  Incorporate these into your daily diet for a lifetime of healthy breasts.

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