House Plants for Style and Health Benefits

House plants for style and health benefitsLooking for an affordable and easy way to spruce up your home décor? Why not add house plants to the mix; from blooming perennials to leafy green plants, there are many of indoor plant options that will add color as well as help clean the air you breathe. Whether you’re a regular gardener or this will be your first (and hopefully not last!) house plant to tend, we’re bringing you a few reasons why you should consider building your own indoor oasis this spring.

When living indoors, plants help clean the air by removing harmful organic compounds so we breathe less toxic pollutants. Many workplaces encourage or provide green plants to help purify the air (it’s been shown that if you have a green plant in your workspace you’re less likely to take multiple sick days each year) so why not reap the same benefits at home? There are plenty of low maintenance indoor plants and succulents, like Aloe Vera or Spider Plants, which are hardy enough to withstand negligent care. The aloe plant also provides a cooling gel that heals burns that you can access by breaking off a leaf.

Want something with color? Try keeping Gerber Daisies or Chrysanthemum plants in a bright, sunny room in your house. Both of these flowering plants need lots of light to thrive. Available in a variety of fun colors, these flowering house plants can serve as a much needed pop of color that adds necessary cheer to your décor. And as an added benefit, each plant helps filter out benzene, which is found in plastics, inks, and detergent.

Grab some potting soil, a spade, and a decorative planter this weekend so you can add healthy, beautiful plants to your household.

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