How to Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction

When celebrities do it, they make headlines, which is probably good for their careers.  When you do it, it’s just embarrassing and potentially bad for your career.  We’re talking about wardrobe malfunctions.  Those dreaded OMG moments when you realize something went horribly wrong when you go dressed before putting in your contacts.

Here are eight sure-fire ways to avoid wardrobe malfunctions in your everyday life:

1)      Wear a properly fitting bra!  Boob bounce, nip slip and side boob are NOT attractive.  Leave the strip tease for the bedroom and make sure your lingerie drawer is equipped with supportive, comfortable, functional and stylish full figure bras.  In the event that you do have a peek-a-boo moment, at least your friends, family and co-workers will get a glimpse of your fabulous bra and not your birthday armor.

2)      Wear underwear too.  We agree, panty lines are not desirable but flashing your privates is much less so.  If you’re wearing a tight outfit, wear very thin seamless underwear or thongs.  Sometimes boy shorts are a better choice because they hit the leg where your pants or skirt may not be as snug.

3)      Have some sheer sense.  Here’s a tip: if you are wearing something transparent, you’re supposed to wear something underneath.  One of the easiest ways to rectify see-through drama is by wearing a skin-colored slip or camisole underneath.  If the outfit will be a staple in your wardrobe, have your tailor add a permanent lining to avoid “sheerious” issues.

4)      Uncling your static cling.  It happens to the best of us.  You’re in a hurry and run out the door without doing a 360 in the mirror.  Then you feel the tug on your back-side and realize you have some major static cling.  Run a wire hanger around your clothes to absorb the cling charge or rub yourself with a dryer sheet.  You may smell “mountain fresh” for a few hours but it beats the cling.

5)      Hide spills to avoid looking messy.  When you spill coffee or drop your open tube of lipstick down your blouse, you’ll need a quick fix.  If you have a blazer, of course you can throw that on to hide the spots.  Otherwise, carry around a long thin neutral-color scarf that you can throw on should you need to cover up accidental stains.

6)      Watch out for the pits.  Deodorant is often a double-edged sword.  If you wear it, you may end up with a white mess on your clothes.  If you don’t you could stink and have embarrassing pit puddles.  The solution is to wear just a little and try an invisible variety.  Wait a few minutes after applying before putting on our clothes.  If you do get some on yourself, use a baby wipe to get it off.

7)      Use double-sided tape as the universal fix.  You can do some pretty amazing things with double-sided tape.  From holding together a ripped hem to attaching your bra strap to your tank top, double-sided tape is a multifaceted tool when it comes to fashion.

8)      Be prepared with a wardrobe malfunction kit.  A fashionista is always prepared for a fashion emergency, no matter where it may arise. Grab an extra make-up case and put together your own wardrobe malfunction kit.  You’ll need:  a travel-size lint roller, a small package of baby wipes, safety pins, a scarf, double-sided tape, and a few dryer sheets. With these items, most wardrobe malfunctions can be averted.

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