How to Make a Romantic Chocolate Dinner for Valentine’s Day

loving couple enjoying a glass of wineChocolate is the favorite flavor of Valentine’s Day.  Its decadence and sensuality puts everyone in a romantic mood.  So get your sweetie geared up for a night of passion with an entire chocolate dinner for Valentine’s Day.

While it may not seem like a natural ingredient for every course of your nighttime meal, it absolutely can be with the right combination of flavors.  Here are some of our best ideas for a romantic chocolate dinner for Valentine’s Day:

Appetizers and Soups

Chocolate Berry Brie Toast-lette:  What could be more elegant than combining smooth dark chocolate, sweet berries and brie cheese?  If it is making your mouth water and heart melt already, that’s a good sign.  Melt dark chocolate cubes and mix in brie cheese.  Slightly mash your favorite berries into the mixture and pour over half of a sweet toasted honey wheat roll.  This app will get your dinner started on the perfect flavor.

Chocolate Chili:  Not your typical chili ingredient, chocolate really adds pizzazz to this traditional Mexican dish.  Simply prepare chili the way you would normally with your favorite veggies, beans, spices and meat.  Towards the end of your cooking time, toss in chocolate chips and let them melt and stew amongst the other ingredients.  This secret ingredient may be a powerful love potion for your romantic chocolate dinner for Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate Tomato Soup:  Warm and spicy, this soup will definitely perk up your love juices.  You can start with your favorite tomato soup base but be sure to add in the ingredients that will tingle the taste buds.  Those are paprika, harissa and cumin.  Plus add in 3 to 4 ounces of bittersweet chocolate and 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey to balance the flavor.  Serve steaming hot, just like your love.

Main Dishes

Chicken Mole:  Although this recipe requires a lot of ingredients, it is fairly quick to make and well worth it in the end.  You’ll want to combine an oil of your choice with the following spices:  salt, pepper, cinnamon, chili powder and cumin.  Mix with canned or fresh tomatoes and stew in a chicken broth.  Thicken the mixture with Mexican chocolate (Mole) and either peanut butter or almond butter.  Stir until smooth and pour over baked or sautéed chicken.

Chocolate Pasta:  This one takes a little more effort but the results are unique and delicious.  Mix cocoa powder with flour and eggs to create your pasta dough.  After refrigerating dough for 30 minutes, create pasta strands using a pasta machine.  Boil strands and wha-la, you have chocolate pasta.  Pair with sweeter ingredients like pork, chicken or turkey in a sweet sauce, along with dried fruit bits and nuts.

Side Dishes

Chocolate drizzle Quinoa:  A double dose of healthy superfoods, this chocolate quinoa side dish is dreamy and delightful.  After preparing your quinoa, toss with a ¼ teaspoon olive oil, almond slivers and dried cranberries.  Drizzle melted dark chocolate over the top as a sensual and sensible dressing.

Chocolate covered Sweet Potatoes:  Sweet potatoes can only get sweeter when topped with chocolate shavings.  Bake sweet potatoes and then scoop out the orange meat and mix with light butter and brown sugar.  Replace the sweet mixture into the potato skin and sprinkle chocolate shavings on top for a yum-yum sweet potato side.


Chocolate Fondue:  While there are thousands of options for chocolate desserts, our number one pick for a romantic chocolate dinner for Valentine’s Day is fondue.  Simply melt your favorite type of chocolate in a double boiler.  Using skewers, dip fruits, pastries, pretzels and breads into the chocolate sauce.  You can experiment by adding different flavors into your chocolate including salted caramel, strawberry jam or vanilla Greek yogurt.  This romantic dessert will surely inspire passion for the rest of the evening.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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