How to Wear Fringe without looking like a Hippie

Fringe is one of the hottest trends of the season.  It’s fun; It’s flirty; It’s whimsical; and It’s sassy.  Inspired by decades of the past and native cultures, this flapper meets hippie meets Western look is now super modern and right on target for spring and summer.

Today we’re exploring how to wear fringe to incorporate this fashion trend into your wardrobe while remaining stylish and true to this decade:

How to Wear Fringe without looking like a Hippie

The first rule of fringe is not to over fringe.  One piece of fringe in an outfit is sufficient.  Too much fringe screams costumed character rather than fashionista.  The nice thing about fringe is that it can be subtle or bold depending on your garment and personal style preferences.  Wispy, delicate fringe offers a more feminine look while thicker fringe strips add volume and dimension to your clothes.  The trend calls for a mix of both in your wardrobe but still, just one piece at a time.

Fringe piping on blouses and skirts is a terrific way to wear this trend.  Short to medium length dangling fringe elongates the torso and legs and creates a breezy look as the fringe sways with movement.  This fun detail on a blouse adds an interesting feature and can jazz up any hemline to take a skirt from “ho-hum” to “wow-wee!”

For a bolder statement, a louder, longer fringe works beautifully on vests, jackets and as an overlay to medium-length skirts.  You’ll definitely be drawing attention to the fringed area so be sure the cut of the garment is flattering and the fringe accentuates your best features.  Fringes looks best in the same color as the base piece so avoid colored fringe that doesn’t match and select even-toned outfits instead.

Fringe accessories are all the rage right now and a fabulous way to embrace this trend.  Bags with fringe, fringe earrings and fringe necklaces are particularly popular.  These pieces can really spice up an outfit with minimal effort.  In purses, fringe detail ranging from small tassels to full frontal fringe is right on trend.  Dangling fringe earrings can be stylish, playful and elegant, while fringe necklaces over a basic outfit can take your look from ordinary to high fashion.

Finally, fringe can look amazing on you all the way down to your toes.  Shoes with fringe details are extremely stylish this season.  Side fringe, front fringe and back fringe look awesome on a variety of sandals, stilettos and loafers.  Tiered fringe cascading over a tall heel is sexy and flirty, while a small fringe on top of a regular loafer modernizes this classic shoe.

Enjoy all the “fringe benefits” of the fringe trend.  By incorporating one piece of fringe in your outfits, you’ll be super stylish without looking like a hippie, flapper or country Western star this season.  Instead you’ll look like the fashionista that you are.

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