Jessica’s Story on the Breastfeeding “Superstar Wall”

The San Felipe WIC office has a fantastic way of uplifting breastfeeding moms. They have created a “Superstar Wall” where women who exclusively breastfeeding for one year or more are featured with a framed photo and story about their breastfeeding journey. The conference room is used by tribal groups in the area. In 2015 Jessica made it her goal to be part of the wall and this year she did it because she’s a superstar mom!

Here is Jessica’s story:


daughter Amura 8/2015

Tell us who supported you the most to breastfeed and continue breastfeeding:

All family members.

Tell us about your biggest challenge to breastfeed or continue breastfeeding:

Going back to work. Can’t get her on the bottle.

What feelings surprised you the most:

How easy breastfeeding came so naturally to the both of us.

How much weight and how fast she is growing.

Tell us your “secret” about breastfeeding:

I love breastfeeding!

Tell us what you would like to share with a pregnant mom that has never breastfed:

It’s the perfect bonding time. It’s cute when she holds your hand and looks at you.

Jessica_San Felipe WIC

Jessica (Amura’s mom), San Felipe WIC

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