The Best Valentine’s Day Dates for New Moms

Valentine’s Day dates for new moms may feel a bit different than the wining and dining of years past. Your family has grown and so has your love, not only for your baby but also for your significant other. You may not be jet-setting to a tropical location or drinking fancy wines this year but we’re sharing the best Valentine’s Day dates for new moms so you can feel the love like never before.

Check out our low-key, moderate and extravagant ideas for Valentine’s Day dates for new moms in each category:

The Foodie Experience

The Best Valentine’s Day Dates for New Moms1 – Make Dinner at Home: Cook up some love in your very own kitchen. Who cares what you cook or how it tastes. It’s really about being together.

2 – Take a Cooking Class: Add some skills to your repertoire while also enjoying a romantic experience. Let new flavors spice up your relationship

3 – Go to a New Trendy Restaurant: You know the one you’ve been dying to try but you haven’t had the chance because, well, you just had a baby? That one! Go there!

For the Love of Games

1 – Have Your Own Game Night: Dust off your old favorite board games or borrow new ones from friends. Let the fun and games get sexy as you up the competitive stakes.

2 – Go to an Indoor Play-space for Adults: They’re widely popular these days because adults deserve to have fun too! Look for ones with activities you enjoy like bowling, bumper or race cars, arcade games and obstacle courses.

3 – Think Outside the Box: Find an activity you wouldn’t normally do like a break-out game or paint ball. Even with a little one in the mix, you can make new memories together as a couple.

Entertainment Junkies

1 – Rent a Movie: Perhaps you do this for all of your date nights but if cuddling together while enjoying a movie is a tried and true favorite, don’t reinvent the wheel.

2 – Go to a Movie: Seeing a thrilling blockbuster on the big screen may be just what you need to get your heart pumping on Valentine’s Day.

3 – Watch a Play: Bump up the quality by seeing live theater. Consider dinner theater or a murder mystery interactive experience in addition to traditional plays.

The Art of Love

1 – Tackle a Home Project: Doesn’t sound too romantic but what better gift than completing a project together. Just make sure you have all the supplies you need and don’t try something that may cause tension.

2 – Visit a Museum: Check out a local art or history museum. This date can open your mind to new ideas and information while spending time together.

3 – Paint the Town: Take an art or dance class together and emerge with a new masterpiece or moves to show off at the party you attend.

Relax, Rejuvenate and Reconnect

1 – Chill: Your life has been turned upside down as you’re taking care of the needs of a new baby. Some chill time at home just talking or snuggling by a fire may be your best date night ever.

2 – Treat your Feet: Get a foot massage or pedicure together. Your guy may balk at the idea but we bet he’ll end up loving it, especially the part about getting to spend time with you.

3 – Pamper at a Spa: Get a sitter and spend a few hours at the spa. Sure, you may need to pump between your massage and facial, but the relaxation time is totally worth it.

Pump Up the Volume

1 – Go for a Walk: A romantic stroll (even with baby in tow) can be a fun date. Reminisce about happy times in your relationship and be sure to hold hands.

2 – Take an Exercise Class: Get your blood pumping in new ways by taking an energizing exercise class together. Even if the workout whoops you, you can commiserate together afterwards.

3 – Go Mountain Biking or Horseback Riding or Skating: You couldn’t do any of these things for 9 months while pregnant so go extreme and get active.

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