Valentine’s Crafts: For the Love of Animals

Valentine’s Crafts: For the Love of AnimalsValentine’s crafts are a fun way to get into the spirit of love. Children learn through hands-on experiences and getting crafty is a terrific interactive activity to reinforce themes like love, compassion, kindness, caring and sharing. We’re helping you whip up some exciting art projects starting with Valentine’s crafts incorporating animals.

Owl – Hoooo Loves You?

This Valentine’s craft is a hoot! Start with one white paper plate for the body. Add red wings to the upper curves. Cut out two hearts of different sizes and paste the smaller one on the larger for the head. Draw a face. Finally add legs and upside-down hearts as feet. Write the quote in the center of the owl’s breast.

Butterfly – My Heart Flutters for You

Beautiful butterfly wings are fun for kids of all ages to decorate. Cut two hearts and overlap them at the tips. Add a long abdomen in the center and antennae at the top. Then let your kiddos fly away with their personal decorating touches.

Crab – A Pinch of Love for You

Who said crabs can’t be sweet? Cut one large red heart for the body and two smaller ones for the pincers. Adhere the pincers to the body with two long strips of red paper. Then add three shorter legs on each side of the heart towards the bottom. Finish it off with antennae and two white hearts as eyes. Write the line in the center of the heart and give your kiddo a love pinch.

Bear – I Love You Beary Much!

This one is beary cute: Cut out a bear face from brown construction paper or a brown paper bag. Let your child draw a face on it. Then cut a red heart and glue two front paws to the top and two hind paws to the bottom. Paste the head on the top and write the line in the heart. It’ll look grrrrrreat!

Ladybug – Love Bugs

Ladybugs naturally lend themselves to Valentine’s crafts because they are cute, red and shaped like hearts. There are many ways to make ladybug crafts but our favorite is using two hearts. Place one smaller pink heart atop one larger red heart. Add a round black face to the top along with antennae. Decorate with heart dots as you wish.

Dog – You’re So Dog-Gone Cute

Who can resist puppy love, especially when it’s made of hearts? Cut out a large heart and turn it upside down. Cut one medium black heart for the nose and paste it in the center just above where the heart bumps meet. Cut two small hearts for the eyes and glue them on towards the top of your upside-down heart. Stick two big floppy ears on the top and a cute pink tongue on the bottom. What an adorable pup!

Mice – Mice to Know You

This sweet treat Valentine’s craft is sure to delight and it’s super simple. Turn a Hershey’s kiss candy on it’s side. Glue mouse ears on the flat bottom edge and mouse feet underneath it. Then adhere small googly eyes around the halfway mark. Stick the candy craft to a piece of paper and draw a tail. And don’t forget to include the clever line as well.

We hope you and your kids enjoy these fun animal-loving Valentine’s crafts!

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