Labor Day Activities for Kids

Labor Day Activities for KidsWe’re headed into Labor Day weekend – are you ready for some family fun? Whether you’re traveling out of town or sticking around to enjoy your hometown offerings, we’ve got some fun Labor Day activities for kids in mind for you this weekend:

Festival or Concert: Is your city having an outdoor festival or concert this weekend? Check out the local flavorings and support your community by attending with your family. Usually outdoor event venues have designated kids’ zones where your little ones can enjoy bouncing, running, face painting and other kid-friendly Labor Day activities.

Read Books about Communities: When you break it down, Labor Day is about community. From board books to elementary school level books, there are plenty of good reads about the jobs, responsibilities, qualities and attitudes that make thriving communities.

Play Dress-Up: Bust out the costume bin and play dress-up with some of your child’s favorite community helpers such as doctors, firefighters, mail carriers or chefs. This is an excellent opportunity for role-playing and make-believe as well. Even your youngest family members can get involved by exploring items in a toy doctor’s kit or donning fun hats.

Career Book: For pre-K age children and above, make a career book that highlights some of your child’s favorite community helpers. It gives your child an opportunity to feature himself in a variety of roles as he dreams of having different careers when he grows up.

Play Labor Day Games: Turn some favorite careers into games. For example, create red and green signs that a police office may use while directing traffic and play Red Light, Green Light using the signs. Or play 20 questions to guess each family member’s favorite community helper.

Model Cars: Turn shoeboxes or other cardboard boxes into cars that workers in the community use, such as an ambulance, bulldozer, delivery truck or army tank. This is a fun craft that your kids can keep and enjoy for years to come.

Gather with Neighbors: What says community like a neighborhood BBQ? Invite neighbors over for a pot luck celebration of your community.

Thank Workers: Make a point for your family to extend a heartfelt thanks to workers in your community. You can do this by writing thank you cards, drawing pictures, delivering baked goods or just shaking hands and saying “thanks.” These small gestures go a long way to those who work hard to make your community a great place.

Have a wonderful holiday as you enjoy these Labor Day activities for kids!

Sources: Care and Education

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