Lace Up for National Running Day

Lace up for National Running DayHappy National Running Day, Leading Ladies! Have you taken to the park or closest sidewalk yet to celebrate? Even if you’re more of a jogger or walker, fitness at any level is beneficial for your overall health. With the right mindset and equipment, we’re going to show you how to get started with your jogging routine.

Lace Up

Even if you plan to walk, wearing the right kind of tennis shoes is essential to maintaining your health and safety. Flip flops and converse sneakers are not good long-distance shoes for exercise because they offer no arch support. Before you hit the pavement, get yourself fitted for a proper pair of running shoes. A sales associate or informative online video should be able to guide you in the right direction on your search for the perfect exercise sneakers. Just like wearing the right size and style bra, the right pair of running shoes will transform the way you work out and feel. So take your time and make the selection that’s right for you.

Plot Your Path

If you’ve ever had a conversation with a running enthusiast, you might feel daunted about your own exercise goals when you hear them casually mention the 10+ miles they run weekly. Everyone’s different, and we can assure you that your fitness friend worked hard to reach that workout goal. With a park or neighborhood route in mind, try plotting your desired path in your GPS system to see exactly how far you want to run. Give yourself a reasonable goal distance to start with and work your way towards a longer run.

Leading Lady medium to high impact sports braHave Fun

Smile while you walk, take time to notice what you pass—just because you’re running doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Working out releases endorphins, wakes up your mind, and causes your heart to pound in a positive way. Make the most out of your exercise by finding ways to enjoy what you’re doing. It will be a lot easier to make running a habit if you concentrate on what you find positive about the experience, even if physically you feel worn out.

Keep the Bounce on the Road

You’re going to need a supportive sports bra, there’s no doubt about that. Check out our cotton racer back sports bra in a pull-over style if you’re planning on light workouts. Coming this fall, we’re excited to introduce our medium to high impact sports bra (sneak peek picture included!) that is every woman’s perfect running partner. We’re taking the extra bounce factor out of jogging and giving you a stylish sports bra that keeps up with your busy lifestyle.

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