Leading Ladies We Love: Lena Dunham

lena-dunham-vogue-coverYou may not know her yet, but there’s a good chance that in the next five years Lena Dunham will become a household name. She’s a multi-talented actress who not only stars in HBO’s popular series Girls, but also directs and writes for the show which she created. At 27, Dunham is poised to become a major voice in contemporary women’s entertainment, and we’re glad to hear her point of view. With 2 Golden Globes and 7 Emmy nominations under her belt, Lena is quickly becoming a driving force in the entertainment industry.

Before launching a show with HBO, Lena released two films, Creative Nonfiction and Tiny Furniture, which were met with largely positive reviews. A native New Yorker, Dunham’s works are notable for their dry humor and stark coming-of-age scenarios. Dunham herself is the leading lady in her films and show and often writes her curvy body and unconventional look into her scripts. She is not afraid of baring it all (literally) for the sake of the show and in doing so normalizes an average female body, complete with curves and flaws. Critics of Girls have applauded Dunham for her willingness to explore the skipped-over parts of any young woman’s maturation, and we applaud her for staying true to form through three successful seasons of Girls!

Most recently, Lena appeared on the cover of Vogue and hosted Saturday Night Live. She is quickly becoming a staple in the fashion world (she’s worn some of the top designers to awards shows and has appeared front row at fashion week) and we are happy to see another curvy star in the spotlight. She is a welcome breath of fresh air and a truly successful actress and filmmaker whose career we are excited to follow.

Lena is also an advocate for stronger women’s roles in television and film. Dunham notices the dearth of intelligent women’s roles and notes that “something has to change, and I’m trying” and so we celebrate her efforts in creating roles that accurately portray women in the entertainment industry.

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