Lia’s Inspiring Story of Breastfeeding Twins

Lia's Inspiring Story of Breastfeeding Twins“My first pregnancy was not at all what I had expected.  I wanted an out-of hospital birth, attended by my fabulous midwife/doula team, but discovered at 18 weeks that I was expecting twins! Complications arose and my prenatal care was transferred to specialists in the hospital.  At 30 weeks gestation, I was hospitalized on bedrest and my 2 little boys were born by cesarean section at 34 weeks.

Once I was in recovery, it took 4 requests and 7 hours before a breast pump was provided so I could start the long process of providing milk for 2 preemies.  The lactation consultant was to be out of her office for 4 days, the duration of my hospitalization.   I was determined that even though my pregnancy and delivery were not what I had intended, no one was going to take away my dreams of breastfeeding my babies.

Four weeks of NICU, feeding tubes, the occasional bottle, being required to fortify my pumped milk with formula, finger feeds, SNS and nipple shields were a regular part of life and after 4 months, both boys were exclusively breastfeeding without the need for any “special equipment”.  I realized long after that because I had established my supply with a breast-pump, I produced even more milk than I needed for 2 babies and was able to donate a large quantity of stored milk!

Now, 4 years later, the boys are looking forward to the arrival of our new baby, and we are all very confident in my ability to nourish this little one, just as I have for the twins!”

Lia, Eau Claire, WI La Leche League

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