Love your Bra

Love Your Bras

You know how people say, love the skin you’re in? Here at Leading Lady, we feel the same way about your bras. You wear them all day, and often into the night. A great bra should almost feel like a second skin. One that offers a little more lift and support.

So, how do you find a bra that you’ll love? Our team of experts have put together a few tips to ensure you’ll love the bra you’re in:

Ideal Fit: If your bra doesn’t fit properly, nothing else matters. More than 70% of women are wearing the wrong size bra! Do yourself a favor and check out our easy fit calculator. With a few simple measurements, you’ll be on your way to a great bra in your perfect size.

Adjustable back:  Bras stretch over time. By purchasing a bra with four hook and eye closures, you’re extending the life of your intimates, and also ensuring that it’s comfortable all day. When you purchase a bra, it should fit comfortably on the largest closure. As the bra stretches, begin to wear it on smaller hook.

Adjustable and Padded Straps: Bras with adjustable straps allow you to position the straps for maximum shoulder comfort and breast support. If you have larger breasts, padded straps help to keep you comfortable, and won’t dig into your shoulders.

Breathable fabric: If your bra is itchy, or feels hot on your skin, it’s not something you’ll want to wear all day. Choose a cotton lined bra, like our lace cup underwire. Breathable cotton meets lovely lace for the ultimate comfort with style.

Functionality:  It is very important to wear a bra that corresponds to your daily needs.  Your sexy “special occasion” bra may not be the best one to sleep in, and your sleep & leisure bra may not be the best for heavy exercise.  Make sure you select bras that are appropriate for the activity in which you will wear them.

Leading Lady is helping you love your bra this Valentine’s Day for less!  Take advantage of our Valentine’s sale and save 25% off our Best Sellers, February 13-20.  Use the code LOVEIT at checkout.  So, go on.  Love your Bras!

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