Lovely Lace

Va Va Violet

It has been known to happen.  You slip on your new Leading Lady Violet Lace-Cup Nursing Bra and out of the corner of your eye, you notice your partner do a double take.  “That’s not a nursing bra,” says your partner adamantly.  “Oh yes it is,” you respond with a flirty smile.

Yes, we’ve added a new color to our sexiest and prettiest nursing bra style. A favorite of celebrity mama Kelly Preston, this bra is so beautiful that you may not want to remove it from your lingerie drawer after you have weaned your baby.

Featuring soft mesh lace over cotton lined cups, the Lace-Cup Nursing Bra is the dream bra of every new mom (and dad!).  With a hint of spandex and adjustable straps, this bra fits comfortably and stretches with your breasts as milk levels fluctuate.

 This holiday season, we encourage you to make your partner do a double take.  Trust us, neither of you will be disappointed!

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