Celebrate Earth Day Naturally with Leading Lady

BreastfeedingWe love Earth Day because it gives us the chance to talk about the most valuable renewable resource on the planet: BREASTMILK!  It is the rarest of treasures, a gift from nature to our babies, and it is the only food that has health benefits for both the user and producer.  In fact, breastfeeding has been the natural standard since the dawn of mammals, so we could say that 160+ million years ago moms founded Earth Day!

In addition to the amazing health benefits for mom and baby, including bonding, breastmilk reduces the need for waste from the alternative.  Think about it:

  • Breastmilk is always available with no packaging, processing or shipping.
  • Breastmilk is always the right temperature so there is no need to use energy to heat it.
  • Because of the perfect nutrients it offers babies, breastfed babies are overall healthier and require less medication and less doctor’s visits, saving on all sorts of materials and gas, not to mention your time.

Moms who breastfeed can feel good that they are doing their part for the environment, and teaching their children eco-friendly values.  One way we choose to celebrate Earth Day is to pay it forward and help spread the benefits of breastfeeding to other moms.  Sometimes a little support, encouragement and information can go a long way to help a new mom along her breastfeeding journey.

The Bra RecyclersAnother way you can help moms nurture their babies and the environment is to recycle your bras.  By donating gently used maternity and nursing bras, you can make breastfeeding easier for new moms in need of supplies.  Leading Lady’s partner, The Bra Recyclers, is an excellent organization that donates new and gently used bras to women around the world, offering much needed support and keeping unnecessary textiles out of landfills.

Last but not least, we are naturally celebrating Earth Day with a sale.  You can enjoy 15% off your entire order at LeadingLady.com April 21-26, plus you get free shipping on all orders.  Happy Earth Day & Happy Breastfeeding & Happy Bray Recycling, Leading Ladies!


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