How much water should I drink while nursing?

Many new moms wonder, how much water should I drink while nursing. It’s a great question and one you should focus on daily.

It was once thought that women who are nursing should drink two quarts of water a day to maintain a healthy milk supply.  While remaining hydrated is important, it is not necessary to drink that much.  Studies have show that being over hydrated may actually reduce milk supply.

A good rule of thumb when you consider how much water should I drink while nursing is to drink enough to produce clear pale yellow urine.  If your urine is concentrated or dark then it is a sign that you should increase your water intake.

Typically breastfeeding makes new moms thirsty, which will naturally encourage you to drink more water. It’s a terrific idea to keep water near your comfortable nursing spot or to bring water with you whenever you’re out and about and may be nursing. Try to drink at least one 8-oz. serving of water per feeding and continue to sip on water in-between feedings as well.

how much water should I drink while nursingAlso, you don’t have to limit yourself to drinking water to stay hydrated.  Fruit juices, milk, tea and water-based fruits and veggies are also good options.

If you’re working out while breastfeeding, be sure to drink extra water to replace what you lose in sweat.  Try to keep your breasts dry and supported when doing physical activity by wearing an appropriate bra like Leading Lady’s sport wirefree nursing bra.


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