Make Nesting Include a Breastfeeding Sanctuary in Your Home

Make nesting include a breastfeeding sanctuary in your homeAn expecting mother’s nesting instinct is a predictable part of last-trimester pregnancy. But while setting up your nursery is an important aspect of getting ready for your baby, don’t forget to carve out a specific nursing nest where you’ll breastfeed majority of the time at home. By setting up your own nursing sanctuary, you’ll feel more prepared to breastfeed and bond with your little one when you come home from the hospital. Setting your intention to breastfeed is an important step for a mom-to-be, and making sure you have the right breastfeeding supplies will help you keep your plan intact.

Before you begin setting up your nursing nest, decide whether or not you’ll want privacy or to be a part of the household bustle majority of the time while breastfeeding. This choice is a matter of preference and how you feel about your breastfeeding time with your little one. If you see this as your opportunity to relax and bond just with your infant, choosing a quiet corner in your home might instill the tranquility you’re missing in your life as a new mom. On the other hand, if you have other children or a stay-at-home husband, you might want to set up camp in a common area where you can interact and stay in the mix while nursing. There’s also no rule that says you can’t make your favorite recliner or couch your nursing spot for a while if you feel the need for more interaction, but make your decision before your due date so you feel more prepared to nurse before baby arrives.

The most important supplies you’ll need for your nursing nest are a comfortable chair and plenty of supportive pillows for you and baby. Many new mothers favor gliders for their superior rocking ability and built-in comfort. Keep in mind that you’ll want a seat with great back and neck support so you don’t strain yourself while nursing. Once you’ve picked out your preferred seat, don’t forget to add a footrest for necessary foot support. You absolutely want to be comfortable sitting in your nursing sanctuary, so make your ease a priority while selecting your chair.

If you plan on using an around-the-waist nursing pillow, you might want to steer clear or chairs with narrow armrests. Keep in mind that you’ll want a pillow for your lower back or neck and that your baby will also need pillow support while nursing. There are a variety of well-loved nursing pillows to choose from on the market, so take your time to decide which size and shape will work best for your breastfeeding.

What else do you want to include in your nursing sanctuary? Candles, books or magazines on hand, and maybe a shelf with extra snacks for you to enjoy while breastfeeding. Anything that relaxes you and helps with breastfeeding should be within reach of your nursing nest. By creating your own breastfeeding space, you’ll be able to feel more relaxed about beginning your breastfeeding journey, especially if you’re a first-time mom. Set yourself up for comfort, support, and a space ideal for bonding with your little one during your nursing sessions.

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