Make the Most of Time Spent in your Car

Make the Most of Time Spent in your CarIf you have a long commute to work or drive kids carpools to school and other activities, you might end up spending a significant part of your day in your car. It can be boring, frustrating and unproductive, or you can rewrite the story and make changes to use your car time wisely. Make the most of time spent in your car by adopting one or more of our ideas:

Listen to a Book on Tape: Well, books aren’t really on tapes anymore, but you catch our drift. Books on tape (or CD or YouTube or downloads) are an engaging way to make the most of time spent in your car. It may not be the same as running your eyes across a page or turning the pages of a book, but listening to a book gives you the same opportunity to enjoy a story and let your imagination go wild. Many popular books are available for audio download or return to classics you once read or somehow skipped. Audio books can make you look forward to your car ride in anticipation of hearing more of the story.

Jam Out to your Favorite Tunes: An energizing soundtrack is not exclusive to Rocky. Pump yourself up for the day ahead or for an enjoyable evening by playing your favorite songs and bopping along to the beat. This can get your mind and body moving, even in the car, and increase blood flow for more energy. Also, hearing your favorite songs can change your mood. Rather than being angry at traffic, you can let it all melt away into the music.

Meditate and Breathe: Sure, traffic can be infuriating sometimes but practicing meditation, breathing and mindfulness can be just what you need to not only survive your daily car time but become a better person. These activities can be done anywhere so it may as well be your car where you’re spending gobs of time anyways. You never know, you may have your best ideas when you least expect them because you’ve set your mind free. Of course don’t be completely captivated by your thoughts that you are a careless driver and please don’t close your eyes when meditating while driving!

Catch Up with Friends and Family: Make a list of friends and family you’d like to keep in touch with more closely and jot down when they are available during the day. When you’re in the car during their window, give them a jingle to find out what’s happening in their lives. Chances are catching up will be heartwarming and help you pass the time in your car.

Make Phone Calls to Get Stuff Done: It’s great to catch up with friends on your ride sometimes, but other times you can put the phone time to good use and get things done. When it is crunch time at work, schedule a morning commute call with co-workers so you can get your thoughts together and have a game plan when you hit the office. Or call doctors offices, businesses or other establishments to check things off your to-do list. If they aren’t open yet, leave a message so at least you’ve started the process.

Listen to a Podcast or Other Thought-Provoking Media: Stimulate your brain with thoughtful opinions. You can learn something new, get new perspective or become more aware of other viewpoints. Anything to keep your mind sharp is a worthwhile activity, especially while you are a captive audience in your car.

Drink Water: Staying hydrated is essential to helping your body operate at its full potential. Drinking water while driving is an approved beverage that’s great for your entire body. Be sure to have a cup of water available whenever you’re driving and take sips throughout your ride.

We hope you make the most out of time spent in your car with these tips to help you enjoy the ride!

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