Meagan’s Breastfeeding Story of Determination

Meagan's Breastfeeding Story of Determination“I’m Meagan, a single mom of two boys. With my first, we struggled with latch issues due to an undiagnosed lip tie. I pumped around the clock every 3 hours for his first 3 weeks, and FINALLY got him to start latching successfully at 3 weeks old with the help of the wonderful lactation nurse at the hospital where I delivered. He continued to nurse until 27 months of age when I hit my 3rd trimester with my second.

Now, my second was a whole different ball game. Even though he was latching, he started losing weight right away. Even with getting his lip & tongue tie lasered, he still wasn’t gaining. I nursed & pumped around
the clock. I set alarms for every 2hrs. I took all the supplements. I tried Meagan's Breastfeeding Story of Determinationsupplementing with formula. He was borderline failure to thrive.

He finally was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy at 8 weeks. I cut all dairy from my diet, got a prescription for the really expensive hypoallergenic formula to supplement calories, and saw a pediatric allergist & nutritionist. Finally I got him strictly back on the breast at 6 months.  He outgrew his allergy by 10 months, and he’s currently a happy & healthy 17 month old who is very attached to nursing.”

Meagan, Manchester/Bolton, CT La Leche League

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