• March 6, 2012As a pregnant momma it can be touch to find a bra that works for my body as it goes through so many changes. For me, comfort is absolutely key! There are definitely some days when I’m so sore that wearing my regular under-wire bra…
  • March 5, 2012When Leading Lady asked me to review their products I was definitely up for it. It’s what’s underneath that can really make or break an outfit so one should always look for underwear especially bras that support and lift. I look for…


Amy’s Corner Mother of 7 Discusses Breastfeeding

Clear it with your physician! Whether you’re pregnant or nursing, getting your doc’s approval is essential before hitting the gym!

  • Find a fitness regime that works for you: Consider your interests, your schedule, and your fitness level.
  • Listen to your body: Ensure you are not over-exerting yourself by taking frequent breaks and not getting over-heated.
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