Milestones for Women at the Olympic Games

Milestones for Women at the Olympic Games

U-S-A, U-S-A! The Olympics are finally here, and we’re excited! Every two years we rally around our country’s athletes to cheer them on in sports we may not otherwise follow.  It’s a true statement of our nationalism and admiration for those whose talent is deemed the best in the world.  Our eyes are also opened to new cultures, moments of triumph and inspiring stories of dedication and the human spirit as we watch competitors from hundreds of countries vie for the gold.

And this 40th anniversary of the Olympics marks a milestone for women in theU.S.  For the first time ever, theU.S. is sending more female athletes than male.  There will be 269 women representing theU.S. and 241 men, for a total of 530 athletes from 44 states competing 25 sports and 246 medal events.  Go Girls!

There are a few notable changes for women at the Olympics this year as well.  While men have been boxing in the Olympic Games for over a century, this summer marks the inaugural year for women’s boxing.  Three U.S.women will make their Olympic debut in this sport, one in each weight class.

Also returning this year is mixed doubles in tennis.  We will get to see some of our favorite men and women tennis stars pair up for what could be very exciting matches and mis-matches.

We will be cheering on our Olympic Leading Ladies on the court, track, matt and in the water.  Win or lose, they are all champion Leading Ladies to us!

How will you and your family celebrate the Olympics this year?  Join us on Facebook and Twitter to let us know.

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