Molded Seamless Wirefree Nursing Bra – The Bra You’ve Been Missing

You know that trusted bra that gives you a great shape every time you wear it? Sure, you know the one – it usually gets worn more than any of the others because it looks amazing under everything and keeps you supported in all the right places. Yes, that’s the one! If you miss that pre-baby bra then our Molded Seamless Wirefree Nursing Bra is just what you need. It has all the fabulous features of that go-to pre-baby bra but with the convenience and functionality of a nursing bra.

Molded Seamless Wirefree Nursing Bra – The Bra You’ve Been Missing

Our Molded Seamless Wirefree Nursing Bra has everything a sophisticated woman and mom needs. With smooth, slightly padded, molded cups, it keeps your silhouette sleek and defined under everything from power suits, to structured tops to t-shirts.  You may feel the design is simple, but the seamless cups create a crisp look without bumps, lumps or fuss. Even with nursing pads, this bra lays flat and smooth.

Depending on your comfort level, you may find wirefree bras to be the best for your body. If you think wirefree bras cannot be supportive, think again! Our Molded Seamless Wirefree Nursing Bra contours and cradles your breasts beautifully for wonderful support. The band also lifts your breasts and the adjustable straps help you find a comfortable, supported fit every day.

Simplistically elegant, our Molded Seamless Wirefree Nursing Bra is a fantastic addition to a new mom’s wardrobe, especially as you emerge into the world again. Some things about you will change when you become a mother but some things will always remain the same. When it comes to your favorite bra, you deserve to get exactly what you want and had before your baby, now with accessibility for breastfeeding.

Here’s what other moms are saying about our Molded Seamless Wirefree Nursing Bra:

PERFECT nursing bra! This bra is AMAZING. It’s thick enough that it hides your nursing pad outline, its supportive enough that it actually gives your poor chest some shape, there is no underwire so it’s incredibly comfortable, it’s not drab or too “sexy”, and it fits true to size. Buy one in every color! I’ll never buy another nursing bra again and that’s a fact.” by Eva on Amazon

Absolutely love this nursing bra!!! The bra has no underwire which makes it extremely comfortable. It also provides good support and gives good shape to your chest. Love it in both nude and black. Great bra to wear when returning to work!” by Kendra Johnson

the best…This is the best nursing bra I’ve bought, hands down. I’ve been nursing for a year and other bras wore out quickly. This one washes well, keeps its shape, and is comfortable. Looks great under shirts too. I would buy again.” by renee on Amazon

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