My Bra Size is What?

Leading Lady Zig-Zag Weave Leisure BraWhen it comes to New Year’s resolutions, increasing fitness and improving body image are some of the top priorities for women. “How can I look my best?” Women ask themselves. One of my clients wanted to jump start her year with a bra fitting around Christmas time.  She had been emailing me that her 38C bras were just not working anymore. “Help!” She told me.

The first step I took to solve her bra fit dilemma was making sure that she really  was the same bra size as she professed.  She had been sharing how she had increased her exercise routine and needed a new bra for walking.  In her own words, challenges such as, “I have spillage and bra cleavage” kept being repeated in our conversations.

To find my client’s true bra size, I used one of my favorite bras:  the Leading Lady Front Closure Leisure Bra (110) to check for her true bra size.  Instead of the 38 C/D/DD she typically wore, I used a 36 band bra. Just as I suspected…welcome to your new size diva! She had shifted to a 36D!   “I’m a “D”” she exclaimed!  I said “yes, you’re a 36D.”  She was surprised, but the bra fit immediately and her cleavage was finally under control.  The 38C was actually too big and puckered in the cups.

She was thrilled!  She had been struggling for almost six months with ill-fitting bras and clothes not looking so good.  With a big hug and a high five in the dressing room, we had solved the mystery.  She admitted that hearing the word “D” scared her initially, but it was not about the size, it was about the bra fit.  This happens to millions of women.  Don’t get hung up on a letter.  It’s the style, fit, and feel that make a bra comfortable. Correct bra size will do all of this and more.

Could this be you?  The New Year brings a time to get things in order.  Checking your bra size is a must .  Use our size chart for assistance.  You can also check your bra fit visually.  Puckering in the cup, bra cleavage (spilling out of the cup), and your band hiking up in the back are major signs of wrong bra size.   Give yourself a belated holiday gift, a bra that fits!

Lisa Cole is the Founder/Fit Expert of StyleFitSolutions.Com.  She provides advice on all aspects of style as it pertains to bra fit and body confidence solutions for women.  She is a speaker and hosts private events around the country.

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