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New Dreamy Comfort Full Figure Bras

By ErinStieglitz on May 2, 2018

New Dreamy Comfort Full Figure Bras

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and we’re celebrating with lots and lots of lace! If ever a holiday called for lace, it’s certainly Valentine’s Day. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce two new sexy full figure bras into our collection just in time for the season of love. These Dreamy Comfort bras prove that your sexiest full figure bras can be your most comfortable too.

We have been designing bras for decades and you could say we know the necessities of full figure women “intimately.” Support and comfort are essential for large breasts or large band sizes with smaller cups. Whether you are looking for extreme support or a hard-to-fit size, we’ve got you covered. With our Dreamy Comfort bras, you’re not just wearing a bra, you’re strutting a bra. On Valentine’s Day, and any other day you need a lift, that’s another crucial feature in your full figure bras.

Our Dreamy Comfort full figure bras include two new styles: the Dreamy Comfort Wireless Lace Soft Cup Full Figure Bra and the Dreamy Comfort Wireless Lace Half Cup Full Figure Bra. Both of these stunning bras are made to embrace your curves for a natural, comfortable fit. The secure comfort band and side support wings and boning ensure your breasts are supported from every angle. The cups are rounded to impeccably contour your breasts and an inner sling offers extra internal support. Plus, back smoothing panels keeps your shape looking feminine and sleek and the lightly padded no-slip straps will help lift your breasts without burdening your shoulders.

With all of that support and comfort, it’s hard to imagine our Dreamy Comfort bras could get any better…but they do. The smooth fabric is silky smooth to the touch for a sensual sensation. Our premium lace is soft and elegant covering either the full cup or half cup depending on your preferred style.

If you’re on the fence about lace because you think it may be itchy or lack support, we’re here to let you know that our Dreamy Comfort bras are soft and comfortable with every support feature you could desire in your full figure bras. Adding a few lace bras to your intimates drawer helps keep the romance alive and gives you a boost of self-confidence on the days you need it most.

Treat yourself or that special someone in your life with the gift of lots and lots of lace on Valentine’s Day! This week you can enter to win one of our Dreamy Comfort full figure bras on our Facebook page!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Leading Ladies!

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