New Play Spaces in Your Home

New Play Spaces in Your HomeAre you and your kids getting bored with the play spaces in your home? As engaging as your play room or kids’ rooms may be, fatigue often sets in when you’re playing in the same space day-in and day-out. Perhaps it’s time for new play spaces in your home. The good news: you don’t have to look far.

When you need to jazz up playtime, try these ideas for new play spaces in your home:

Closets: Secret Spaces

Closets make awesome secret play spaces for little kids. Designating special toys to floor space in a closet may bring new joy to toys once overlooked. For older kids, a closet can be a secret clubhouse or reading nook.  Closets are also great places to play with flashlights. Babies to elementary schoolers alike enjoy watching lights dance across a dark space and making funny hand shadow puppets is also a wonderful closet pastime.

Here’s another closet idea: dress up! Pull out some old clothes you don’t mind your kids wearing and let them have a ball dressing up like mommy and daddy. Be sure to take lots of pictures of whatever fabulous outfits your kids design.

Car: Zoom into Play

We know cars are not toys but under your supervision a parked car that is turned off (keys out of reach) can be a lot of fun for kids. They can pretend to drive and you can show them what all of the gears, buttons and levels do on your dashboard. This is a grand time for imaginative play, such as high-speed car chases, space shuttle missions or exploring new lands. Definitely sit in the car with your kids while they play and participate in the make-believe along with them.

Kitchen: Cook Up Some Fun

If you have a sitter, crawler or toddler, kitchen playtime can be a rockin’ time. Set aside some kitchen items that are safe for your little one to play with, such as pots, plastic bowls, spoons, cups and empty spice bottles. Designate a kids-safe drawer where your children know they can find these items and are free to play whenever they want. They may make a lot of racket but they can be a blast too.

Forts: Creative Construction

The space between your couch and your love seat may not look like much to you but to kids it can make the perfect fort. Pull out some sheets and help your kiddos tuck them into the couches to create a somewhat enclosed area. Drag in some pillows and whatever else the kids want to decorate their fort and you’ll have hours of fun with very little construction required.

Bathtub: Splish, Splash

If your kids just can’t get enough bath time before bed, make it a fun daytime activity.  Bath play time may call for some out of the ordinary toys that differentiate true bath time from playtime. You can even incorporate child-safe bath colors or bath crayons. This is a great activity when it’s too hot or rainy to be at the pool in summer, or during wintertime when the pool isn’t an option.

Get creative with new play spaces in your home to keep playtime interesting and engaging!

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