New Research Suggests Aspirin Could Prevent Ovarian Cancer in Women

new-research-suggests-aspirin-could-prevent-ovarian-cancer-in-womenDoctors have a history of prescribing a daily aspirin to those predisposed to heart attacks or strokes, and new research suggests that a woman’s risk of developing ovarian cancer might be lowered with a daily low-dose of aspirin as well.

Though research is only in the beginning stages, there is evidence that a woman’s risk for ovarian cancer may be reduced by 20% by taking a daily aspirin dose. Past research for a link between aspirin and ovarian cancer has not proved fruitful, but the National Cancer Institute analyzed 12 different studies conducted by the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium for a fresh perspective.

With all of the studies combined, researchers looked at data from almost 20,000 women. 7,776 of the women studied had ovarian cancer and the remaining 11,843 did not. At the most recent study’s conclusion, research showed that women who took a daily dose of aspirin (less than 100 mg) had a 20 percent reduced risk of ovarian cancer compared to women who took aspirin less than once a week.

Despite research findings, doctors are careful to warn against self-medicating with aspirin. Co-author of the study, Britton Trabert, cautions against women taking preventative aspirin just yet: “[the study results] should not influence current clinical practice.” The study’s findings are hopeful though; finding preventative steps towards ovarian cancer will reduce the risk many women face.

Ovarian cancer is the leading gynecological cancer among women. Symptoms include prolonged cramping in the belly or back, abnormal vaginal bleeding, and nausea. Please contact your doctor is you are experiencing any of these symptoms. Leading Lady Spokesmom Danah Bordner is an advocate and supported of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition in memory of her friend Erika, and we are proud to support her and the NOCC in their fight against ovarian cancer.

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