New Superfoods Part 3: Extraordinary Liquids

New Superfoods

New superfoods are all the rage but no one every said you couldn’t drink in their nutritious benefits.  In fact, some of the latest and greatest new superfoods are liquids.  So put down your fork and pick up a glass to try these hot (and cold) new superfoods:

Maple Water:  The pure sap of the maple tree is known as maple water.  Of course any type of water is hydrating but this one also contains important antioxidants and minerals to support full body health.  It is especially good for the thyroid and for balancing blood glucose levels.  Plus it is a sweet and delicious alternative to plain water that doesn’t contain refined sugars.

Coffee:  Coffee may not be a “new” drink but it is new to the superfoods list.  Coffee has high antioxidant value thanks to its content of flavonoids.  These powerful antioxidants are deft at protecting and repairing cells that naturally deteriorate over time and weaken due to environmental factors.  Studies show that coffee may also reduce risk of depression.  Beware of added sugar in coffee drinks.  Keep your coffee beverages light and consider ground coffee beans as a cooking seasoning or dessert ingredient as well.

Kefir:  With a consistency cross between milk and yogurt, kefir is fermented animal milk, typically from a cow.  Kefir is a terrific source of probiotics that combines yeast and lactic acids helping create healthy bacteria that is good for digestion and an overall properly functioning body.  It is naturally low in lactose and has a somewhat sour, pungent taste.  Most people add fruit or make a smoothie out of kefir due to its distinct flavor.

Cactus Water:  There’s a lot of hype about cactus water and for good reason.  It has over 20 types of supercharged antioxidants called betalains, in addition to essential vitamins, minerals and body-stabilizing electrolytes.  The natural flavor is said to be somewhat berry-like with a hint of watermelon and kiwi.  Due to its unique nutrient content, cactus water is super hydrating.  Pretty funny for a plant that doesn’t require much water to survive, huh?

new superfoods

Bone Broth:  Your mom said soup was good for you, especially when you’re sick, and she was right!  Rather than buying a can or carton of stock broth, make your own bone broth by boiling water with chicken, pork or beef bones.  Bones are full of vitamins, minerals and protein, as well as collagen and elastin that will improve skin elasticity, hair and nails.  You can add veggies and seasoning to taste.

Discovering new foods is part of the spice of life.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our series on new superfoods.  From grains to greens, from broth to beans, and from fruit to fermentation, new superfoods offer amazing benefits for your entire body.  Keep an eye out for them as you continuously improve and diversify your diet.  Enjoy!

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