What Your Nails Say about your Health

what your nails say about your healthMost people don’t realize that their nails are a surprising indicator of the condition of their health.  While symptoms of illness, infection and disease don’t always show up on nails, they very often do.  Without noticing nail changes, many people are left unaware of the warning signs of something very serious happening in their bodies.  Today we’re examining what your nails say about your health.


Brittle and Cracked Nails may simply be due to changes in the weather like when the air becomes dry in wintertime.  Or it may be related to over-stimulating nails to certain cleaning chemicals, dishwashing soaps, nail polish remover or chlorine during swimming.  In some rare instances brittle, cracked nails are an indicator of a thyroid malfunction called hypothyroidism.

Blue-Tinted Nails are a sign of poor oxygenation in the body.  It may be caused by improper circulation, or a lung or heart condition.

Ridges in your Nails may be caused by several factors.  Horizontal ridges on multiple nails are usually a sign that the body is fighting a complex sickness and doesn’t have extra energy to produce strong nails.  They also may be due to potent drugs that are helping fight off serious illness.  Vertical lines, however, are generally part of the normal aging process.

Bitten Nails are not hard to figure out.  Usually when someone bites their nails it is a sign of anxiety or stress. Although biting nails is not good for you, the underlying reason why someone bites their nails is usually much worse.

Dark lines beneath Nails is a reason to see your doctor immediately.  These dark stripes are most commonly a form of melanoma or skin cancer.  Those with darker skin may notice more intense dark lines.

Yellowish Nails usually indicates a fungal infection in the nails.  That’s the best case scenario.  Occasionally yellow nails may be a sign of a bigger problem such as diabetes, a thyroid disorder or lung malfunctions.

Pale Nails are typically a symptom of malnutrition or anemia (lack of iron).  They can sometimes predict severe heart and liver conditions.  Extremely white nails are the biggest sign of liver problems including hepatitis.  But don’t confuse white spots with solid white nails.  White spots may simply be nail trauma and in rare cases it is due to calcium deficiency.

Rippled Nails most commonly means inflammation.  This may be caused by psoriasis, arthritis or other inflammatory conditions.

Were you surprised to find out what your nails say about your health?  Next time you see anything out of the ordinary on your nails, don’t dismiss it too soon.  Consider what it may be saying about your health.

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