New Year, New Bras

New Year, New BrasHappy New Year, everyone! We’re officially declaring 2017 “The Year of You!” This year you get to be your best self and that includes feeling great, looking great and feeling great about how you look! Leading Lady is here to help with new bras! To get you started we’re sharing the three types of bras you need for the New Year, a.k.a. “The Year of You!”:


Simply Smooth Silhouette: Everyday Full Figure Bras

New Year, New BrasYour everyday bras are most important because you basically live in them for 12+ hours a day. Comfort, fit and support are essential to making sure you look and feel great. If you have to wear a bra every day, it should certainly be one that supports your breasts in the most comfortable way with features like padded straps, adjustable straps and bands, and soft, breathable materials. Plus, molded cups help give you that natural feminine shape under everything from sweatshirts to power suits and enhance your beautiful silhouette.

Our favorite everyday full figure bras are our Molded Padded Seamless styles that compliment your wardrobe and give you that lift you and your breasts need to feel supported, comfortable and confident all day long. Available in wirefree, underwire and racer-back front-closure, you will love living in these bras!

Va-Va-Voom: Special Occasion Full Figure Bras

New Year, New BrasOf course “The Year of You” should include a few special occasion full figure bras. Every woman deserves to put on a bra that makes you feel like a million bucks (without having to spend that much!). Special occasion full figure bras feature swanky prints, luxurious lace or sweet accent details to give your bras a little – or a lot – of personality. These are the bras you should wear when you need to feel extra amazing or when you may be showing off your bra to a special someone.

At Leading Lady we know that full figure women can’t sacrifice support and comfort just to wear a sexy bra. That’s why our special occasion full figure bras have the same great features with the added bonus of looking super stylish. Our picks for special occasion full figure bras are our Scalloped Lace Full Figure Bra and our Lace Cup Full Figure Bra.

Zen from Within: Sleep/Leisure Bras

New Year, New BrasNo bra wardrobe would be complete without a few comfy, cozy sleep/leisure bras. These are the bras you’ll love to wear for lounging on winter weekends or when you need light support overnight. Relaxation should definitely be part of your New Year so stock up on several styles, colors and patterns of sleep/leisure bras to keep you feeling warm from the intimates, out.

Our front-closure designs make lounging and sleeping even more comfortable while also ensuring dressing is a cinch. Check out our Cotton Front Closure Leisure Bra – a.k.a. The Most Comfortable Bra in America – or our Zig-Zag Weave Front Closure Leisure Bra. Both will leave you feeing relaxed and cozy in 2017.

In the New Year, new bras are certainly in order to ensure “The Year of You” is the best ever!

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