New Year’s Resolutions for Women – Part 2

As 2017 is just days away we’re continuing our series on New Year’s resolutions for women. Earlier this week we talked about health, fitness, nutrition and wellness. Today we’re focusing on your financial and career goals, giving back, family and friends, and other resolutions that round out your busy life.

New Year’s Resolutions for Women – Part 2

Financial & Career

This New Year will be the one when you take charge of your career and finances. Keep these goals in mind as you plan your resolutions:

  • Review your finances monthly to have a better pulse on how you’re spending money. Create a budget to keep yourself on track and talk to a financial advisor about smart strategies for saving and investing your money.
  • Take the extra 5 minutes to clip coupons or search for them online. You can save big bucks by taking advantage of discounts that most retailers offer regularly.
  • Be bold at work and contribute in new ways to show your innovative and smart ideas. Chances are this new you will pay off with recognition and compensation in the long run.
  • Ask for what you want at work, whether it’s a raise, additional benefits, a chance to travel more or the opportunity to work from home. The worst that can happen is you are turned down but the best result may be getting exactly what you want.
  • Use all of our paid time off and sick days. You’ve earned them so use them. If you’re not actually sick or taking a vacation, have a mental health day or make your own stay-cation adventure.

Giving Back

Helping others is a wonderful New Year’s resolution for women. Give what you can in the form of tangible donations or the gift of your time and energy. Here are some ideas:

  • Volunteer on a regular basis doing something you love. Work with pets, nature, kids or seniors volunteering in a way that helps others and is satisfying to you as well.
  • Mentor a student at a local school by offering extra assistance or supportive social interactions. Or at work you can mentor junior employees to help them succeed in their career.
  • Donate items you don’t need to those who are less fortunate. Spend time early in the year purging gently used things so others can enjoy them.
  • Pay it forward with random acts of kindness. Start by smiling, holding doors open and generally being kind to others. Throw in some fun anonymous acts of kindness too, such as paying for the coffee of the person behind you in line or helping a mom with several kids carry packages to her car.

Friends, Family, Home & Fashion

Rounding out our suggestions for New Year’s resolutions for women we’re focusing on those nearest and dearest to you, as well as your home and fashion.

  • Prioritize the people who matter most in your life and treat them the best. That includes doing nice things for your family, respecting your parents and children, calling friends on their birthdays and judging everyone less.
  • Take a vacation with your favorite people so you can reconnect and make new memories together.
  • Steer away from relationships that are toxic. Spend your time with people who you care about and who care about you in return.
  • Also avoid drama whenever possible. This may mean holding back sometimes but peaceful relationships are much more satisfying and productive.
  • Work on organizing your home with one small project every day. Spend 15 minutes tackling some form of organization daily. Also work to keep things organized by putting everything back where it belongs.
  • Upgrade your wardrobe with a few items – like a new bra – that make you feel amazing. You are your best you when you feel confident and put together.

We wish you a wonderful 2017 filled with everything your heart desires. Happy New Year!

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