New Year’s Resolutions, Life Goals, and Bras

Believe it or not, but your bra wardrobe is the key to your New Year’s resolution success.

new-years-resolution-flickrElisabeth Dale, author of The Breast Life, recently published an article musing on the correlation between pretty, supportive lingerie and reaching professional and personal life goals. In her own words, Dale asserts that “a New Year’s resolution to buy the right lingerie can improve your figure, work, or sexuality.”  Your bra is not only the foundation to every outfit, but also your main support system.

Fitness goals? A sports bra can be the most supportive running partner a woman has. Dale points out that “putting on a great sports bra makes it easier to go outside for a walk, head to the gym, or join a new fitness class.” Now that sports bras come in a variety of flashy colors and prints, every woman has many style options that are affordable and comfortable.

Want to spark up a romance, or kindle an already-existing frame? Lacey lingerie has been the go-to for a long time in the bra world, but with an array of new designs, bra styles, and colors offered, lace never goes out of style! Dale emphasizes that women shouldn’t only buy sexy lingerie when in or pursuing a relationship, though; her take on stocking your lingerie drawer with delicate bra styles: “you don’t need an excuse to buy beautiful and sexy lingerie for yourself. You are worth it….honor, embrace, and enhance your own self-confidence [with lingerie].” Great words to live by!

Never underestimate the confidence boost you’ll receive from wearing a new, well-fitted bra. Regardless of what bra style you prefer, Dale makes note that “a new bra can empower you from the inside out. It will (literally) help you stand taller, straighter and hold your head up higher.” The act of wearing a bra is its own mantra in Dale’s point of view.

Do you agree that the right bra can help you achieve your life goals?

What bras do you plan on trying in the New Year? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to visit us for your new favorite bra style.


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