Non Candy Halloween Treats

non candy Halloween treatsHalloween is certainly one of the most fun family holidays, but it is far from the healthiest. Trick-or-treating usually means your kids end up with gobs of candy. Over-indulging leads to unhealthy eating habits in a society that is already plagued with obesity. Beyond weight gain, candy adds no nutrient value to your kids’ diet and the excess sugar can cause behavioral and dental issues. A piece of candy now and then is probably OK, but many parents feel a bucket full is a bit excessive.

Rather than giving out only candy this year, consider offering non candy Halloween treats for your trick-or-treaters. If your family isn’t fully sold on the idea, you can hand out one small piece of candy or a healthier food alternative (such as raisins, popcorn, fruit or crackers) with one non-candy Halloween treat.

Here are some fun ideas for non candy Halloween treats:

School and Craft Supplies
Halloween-themed school and craft supplies are a good choice because the items are useful and keep kids entertained. Items like pencils, erasers, notepads and bookmarks can be used at school or home. Arts and crafts items such as stickers, stamps, crayons, Play-doh, coloring books or a grab-bag of art supplies to make a unique creation are all creative ways to engage kids in the holiday.

Dress-up Stuff

Halloween is largely about costumes, after all, so contribute to the cause by offering dress-up stuff. You can give out bracelets and necklaces, either store-bought or beaded designs from your own kids. Face masks, hats, pirate patches, wands, fake teeth, silly glasses and other costume pieces will be a big hit as non candy Halloween treats too.

Toys & Games

There are many small, inexpensive toys you can purchase for your trick-or-treaters at discount stores or by buying bulk online. Slinkies, water guns, chalk, bouncy balls, bubbles, balloons, finger puppets, whistles, yo-yos, silly puddy, figurines and keychains are a few items to get you started.

Other Items

Still looking for more creative ideas? How about a bath kit with a cute bar of soap, rubber duck and a few color changing bath tablets? Lip balm and other makeup would be appealing for some kids. A Halloween cup with a fun straw, a small bucket for chachkies or a miniature pumpkin are other alternatives to consider.

More Fun

Make this Halloween memorable for your trick-or-treaters by setting up an obstacle course in your yard that the kids have to go through before ringing your doorbell. It all adds to the experience without contributing to the unnecessary sugar rush.

The possibilities are endless for non candy Halloween treats.  If you have extra, ask your kids to trade in some candy for the leftover non candy Halloween treats. That way your efforts won’t only serve your neighbors, but also your own family. Happy Halloween!

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