Packing for Baby’s Arrival: Your Essential Hospital Bag Checklist

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You’re pregnant and pushing that 37-to-39 week window where your baby is expected to arrive at any time. Just like when you were younger and in girl scouts, you write in and cross off items on your hospital bag checklist with the same ferocity you once played “deserted island” around the campfire. You remember the game: You only get five items on a deserted island. What do you choose?

Sure, the circumstances are not exactly the same, but you’re trying to plan for an efficient and safe hospital stay while you deliver your baby. You can read magazine articles or watch countless Youtube videos made by seasoned moms whose neat piles of luggage look intimidating and overwhelming. And the last thing you want to be is overwhelmed by what to pack for your stay when you’re welcoming a new baby into your life.

There is no universal hospital bag checklist that will suit the needs of every mom. But, we’re suggesting a few, essential items that we think you might love during your hospital stay. We’ve also hand-picked a nursing bra and a nursing cami that will be indispensable if you’re planning on breastfeeding, and even if you’re not sure you’ll nurse your newborn, it doesn’t hurt that our Santoni Wirefree nursing bra is made from the softest, silkiest microfiber and can help soothe and give comfort unlike a regular bra. So don’t cross nursing bras off your hospital bag checklist just yet!

The Most Comfortable Nursing Bra in America© sounds like something you’ll definitely want to choose if you’re a new mom stranded on a deserted island with a hungry newborn! Even though that won’t be the case (I hope!), our microfiber nursing bra should top any hospital bag checklist. It’s silky, supportive, and boasts a body responsive fit that moves with your every bend and stretch. It even has removable pads for modesty and nursing clasps that are snap open and close with ease.

You should have a pair of warm, comfy socks on your hospital bag checklist. Hospitals are not often the warmest buildings, and having toasty feet could ease any overall discomfort you might feel after giving birth. Also, when you get up in the night, you don’t have to worry about freezing cold linoleum. A pair of snuggly slippers is also a great addition to any hospital bag checklist. Plus, you’ll make less noise if you’re moving around in the night so your newborn won’t wake up as easily.

A nursing cami will been like one of your trusted friends throughout breastfeeding, starting with your hospital stay. Not only does it feature all of the wonderful elements of a nursing bra (the drop down cups, nursing clasps, and inner support slings), but it also covers your tummy and is perfect for layering without compromising breastfeeding ease. Our Leading Lady nursing cami is perfect for daytime wear when family and friends come to visit you and the little one at the hospital. Our cami is made from soft cotton and has a built in shelf bra for added support. Pencil one in for your hospital bag checklist!

Lastly—don’t forget to pack a camera for your hospital stay. Smart phones and most cell phones have cameras, but you might want a disposable or digital camera to record the first of many precious moments once the baby comes. Besides, with all the well-wishers calling to congratulate you on your new family, you don’t want to miss any pictures because of a low cell phone battery.

So with those essentials in mind, you’re off to a good start with your hospital bag checklist!

Any items I missed that you think I should reconsider? Let me know in the comments!

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