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Parental Anxiety Soothed: Moms and Kids Share in Adorable Video

By Eleanor Shorey on May 2, 2018

All parents worry about parental guidance—do they make the choices for their children? Do their children take away the right message from the lessons they try to teach? No matter what age your child, every parent has had a moment of doubt about their parenting skills. This is why this video compilation is the perfect balm to ease parental anxiety.

A group of moms get the chance to hear what their children really think of them thanks to a dual interview process. The results are heartwarming; whereas the moms are critical on themselves as parents during the interviews, their children have very different responses to questions about their moms. Take a few minutes to watch the video and you’ll see how often kids appreciate the small, thoughtful things moms do. So take a deep breath, trust your parental guidance, and watch this video for an instant pick-me-up feeling.

Happy Friday, Leading Ladies!

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