Pedicure Essentials for the Best At-Home Pedicure

Pedicure-Essentials-for-the-Best-At-Home-PedicureFlip flop season is back, but before you show off your favorite wedges or gladiator sandals, you have to treat your feet to a little TLC. After a long winter of wearing thick socks and boots, your feet will be glad to have a chance to soak up some moisturizer and sunshine. Getting a professional pedicure is a relaxing treat, but if you’re interested in at-home care, we’ve got a few ideas about how to keep your feet looking clean and healthy without spending salon prices.

Invest in necessary pedicure tools

If you’re going to commit to taking care of your feet at home, make sure you have these drugstore pedicure tools that will make cleaning and maintaining your feet a lot easier. For removing calluses and smoothing the bottoms of your feet, pick up a pumice stone or a buffing foot file. These handy beauty tools will smooth your heels easily. Make sure you have a good pair of nail clippers that you can use to shape your toenails without nicking your toes. Having these pedicure tools will make maintenance a lot easier!

Daily foot care keeps your feet polished longer

If you’re prone to calluses or cracked heels, you’ll want to follow this tip: add buffing and smoothing your feet into your shower routine for consistently smooth, sandal-ready feet. Use your pumice stone to work on the bottoms of your feet while in the shower. Once you’re done, make sure to use lotion on your feet as well as the rest of your body. If you want to avoid sweaty feet, use a spray antiperspirant on the bottoms of your feet before sliding into your favorite sandals. Your feet will thank you!

Polish to your heart’s content

Whether you like to match your nails to every outfit or you reapply nail polish once it’s chipped, your toenails will be polish-friendly after you’ve followed our foot care tips. Warm colors like reds, oranges, and vibrant pinks are popular toenail polish colors in the summer, but there’s really no limit to what colors you can paint your toes with. Keep your toenails trimmed in a square cut to avoid scratching the inside of your shoes and ingrown nails. Your feet will want to do a happy dance after you’re done with your at-home pedicure.

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