Plan Your Own Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner…have you thought about what you want to do?  Depending on your partner, kids and family members, advanced planning and making a schedule full of mom-centric activities may not happen.  Some dads and kids are amazing at organizing Mother’s Day but others just aren’t.  It’s one of those times when you have to accept their short-comings and love them despite of it.

However, not having a “planny” family doesn’t mean your special day is a wash because you can plan your own Mother’s Day!  Yup, if you want it done right, do it yourself.  Don’t do it begrudgingly, do it so you can ensure your family has the best shot at a wonderful day filled with all the things you love.  If your family surprises you with flowers or gifts, that’s a great bonus.

Think about your perfect day and plan your own Mother’s Day accordingly.  Make sure you communicate your plans with your partner and family so everyone knows how you’d like to spend your day.  If you want something special from him or your kids, don’t be afraid to ask for it.  Remember, some of the best mom gifts are homemade, such as a creative card, hand-painted picture frame or macaroni necklace.  And make sure you have the supplies, reservations and anything else that may require forethought all situated before the big day.

Mother’s Day Morning

You may prefer a lazy morning with your favorite cup of coffee, breakfast in bed and some family playtime at home.  Make sure you have your coffee and breakfast items readily available.  Ask your partner and kids to make the meal or at least participate in making it as a family.

If you’re a get up and at ‘em kinda mom, wake the family early for a breakfast outing and fun activity.  Perhaps you can go to a park before it gets crowded, take a nature hike or go bike riding.  Request that your partner gets the family ready so you can take your time getting yourself ready, which is probably a rare luxury.  These moments can be more precious than any gift.

Mother’s Day Afternoon

In the afternoon, consider visiting grandmothers and aunts who may live close by or make a point to video-chat with them to wish them a warm and happy Mother’s Day.  Then, consider another family activity that is fun for all – a trip to the zoo, going to a movie or playing in your own backyard (with a glass of wine in hand) are some ideas.  If you want a few hours to yourself, ask your partner to cover the kids while you get a massage, go shopping or spend time reading a book.

Mother’s Day Evening

Dinner in or out can make for an enjoyable Mother’s Day as long as you plan ahead.  If you want your husband to grill out, make sure you have your meats and veggies marinated and ready to sizzle.  If you want a nice meal out, be sure to make reservations early as Mother’s Day can be a crowded night at restaurants.  If you have a special dessert in mind, make it the day before or ask your partner to buy it for you.  After the kids go to bed, spend some adult time with your partner or do something else for yourself, like take a bath or watch your favorite indulgent television show.

When you plan your own Mother’s Day, you’re sure to do the things you want with the people you love.  Stop being upset that your family can’t get it together and start taking control of your own special day.  You’ll be much happier and at peace on Mother’s Day, which is truly a gift to yourself.

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