Plus Size Models Rock the Runway at British Plus Size Fashion Week

hayley-hasselhoff-british-plus-size-fashion-weekAcross the pond, retailers, designers, and plus size models alike gathered this past week to showcase the best in upcoming fashion for plus size women. Viewers and style bloggers were treated to shows dedicated to serving curvy fashionistas. New modeling talent was joined by curvy model favorites like Whitney Thompson (the only plus size winner from America’s Next Top Model cycle 10), Ashley Graham, and Hayley Hasselhoff, daughter of David Hasselhoff.

British Plus Size Fashion Week is not a part of London’s official Fashion Week (which kicked off on February 14th, the same day as BPSFW) but hopes to have an impact on the larger fashion celebration by introducing curvier models into the mix. Events like BPSFW reinforce the notion that women of all sizes are interested in high-fashion clothing.

whitney-thompson-hayley-hasselhoff-british-plus-size-fashion-weekSeasoned plus size model Hayley Hasselhoff told reporters she was proud to strut her stuff on the runway. Hasselhoff, whose father played a well-known lifeguard on the American drama Baywatch, wears a size 12-14 and looked gorgeous in a chic black dress and gold statement necklace. “It’s about women with curves and women of all shapes and sizes,” Hayley said about BPSFW’s aim, and finished up by saying that “calling it ‘plus-sized’ doesn’t do it justice.” She’s not the only one who wants the fashion world to accept larger models without the “plus size” tag—Tyra Banks, Robyn Lawley, and others have spoken out against outdated model sizing standards.

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