Positive Thinking

When faced with challenges it’s easy to think about all the negative possibilities we are up against, and feeling sorry for ourselves about a specific predicament seems to be unavoidable at times. What many don’t realize is we have the power to step away from the victim role and instead of feeling sorry or cheated, we can think more positive and leave the situation with an open mind and a better way to find an outcome. Positive thoughts can be more than a mood changer; they can also be extremely beneficial to your health. Today we are sharing 5 ways positive thinking can be valuable to your health!


  1. Positive Thinking Gives your Body a Fighting Chance against Illness: Studies have shown when you have a positive attitude you are more likely to have a stronger immune system than someone who is more pessimistic. When you enjoy life and aren’t afraid of having fun and indulging in a little humor every now and then you can actually have greater cell function, which in return puts you at reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other illnesses.
  2. You’re More Goal Oriented: Positive thinkers are physically and psychologically healthier than those who are negative thinkers. The happier you are the more likely you are to start practicing a healthier lifestyle and begin working out and eating properly. You’re also more likely to do better at work because you won’t put yourself down about little mistakes, but instead look at them as learning experiences.
  3. You’ll Live Longer: It goes to show positive thinking can take you a long way. If you’re more goals oriented and take care of your health, your life span will increase. It’s also been proven that negative or pessimistic people can have a deteriorating health which quickens with age.
  4. Stress is a Thing of the Past: With a good attitude nothing will stand in your way. As you become better with managing your negative thoughts, you’ll begin to notice it’s a lot easier coping with stressful situations. When you eliminate the stress you are guaranteed to think differently about life in general.
  5. You’ll Surround Yourself with Good People: It’s true when they say it’s important to surround yourself with good people in order to live positive and healthy lives. When you begin to think more positive you’ll realize you don’t necessarily want to hang around negative people, and when you border yourself with good friends, a healthy and happy lifestyle, you’ll live a much better life.

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