Postpartum Body Acceptance & Losing Weight after Pregnancy

ntima-preusser-beautiful-bodies-projectPhotographer Jade Beall’s stunning black and white portraits are notable for a number of reasons, but most recently she’s gained widespread notoriety since creating the A Beautiful Body Project

.Beall’s lens is trained on new mothers and their babies as part of the A Beautiful Body Project; in her revealing photographs, Beall’s subjects proudly display stretch marks and swollen breasts alongside smiling babies to send a positive body acceptance message. In an effort to combat anxiety about losing weight after pregnancy, the A Beautiful Body Project shows real images of postpartum bodies and celebrates motherhood without airbrushing.

Losing baby weight is a common concern among today’s new mothers. With widespread focus on celebrity moms like Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian, whose weight losses were documented in detail by magazines, new moms can feel extra pressure to quickly lose weight after pregnancy. Jade Beall hopes to reverse the baby weight obsession with her A Beautiful Body Project. On the official website, Beall hosts articles and personal stories that new mothers send in to be shared. One such story, titled “’Babies Ruin Bodies’: An Ode to my Postpartum Body” was written by new mom N’tima Preusser and published January 2, 2014.

ntima-preusser-beautiful-bodies-project-2N’tima chronicles her body’s physical changes as well as the emotional revelations that come with being a new mother. Her self-view is inspiring and relatable for all moms and women who have experienced weight gain or loss. To read N’tima’s excellent piece about losing weight after pregnancy and postpartum body acceptance, click here.

Losing baby weight isn’t nearly as important as staying healthy through pregnancy and breastfeeding so your baby is properly cared for. Looking for postpartum body acceptance and inspiration? Visit Jade’s website and celebrate in the fact that carrying a baby is an accomplishment much more significant than losing weight after pregnancy.

Stay happy and healthy, new moms!

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