Pregnancy Calendar + Nursing Bra Calendar: Your Guide to Maternity Bras and Nursing Bras Throughout Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Tracking your pregnancy and the growth of your baby with a pregnancy calendar is an exciting part of new motherhood!  You can learn as your baby grows from a pea, to a peanut, to a pineapple, to that tiny person you cuddling in your arms.

While your baby grows inside you, your body will be experiencing all sorts of changes, and this includes your breasts.  Sensitivity, swelling and occasional soreness are common throughout pregnancy, but wearing the right maternity bra or nursing bra can make a big difference in keeping you comfortable.  With all of the excitement and distractions of welcoming a newborn into your home, the last thing you want to deal with is discomfort.

To keep you comfortable, we’ve put together this easy-to-follow calendar of what you should look for in your bras throughout pregnancy and the first year of breastfeeding.


1st Trimester

As your hormones are ramping up to prepare your   body to support your pregnancy, you may experience slight to severe breast   tenderness.  Be considerate to your   breasts and let them have space by wearing stretchy maternity bras.  Spandex and soft cotton fabrics will be   your best bets during this sensitive period.

                               Leading Lady Nursing Bralette
2nd Trimester

Breast soreness usually eases by the 2nd   trimester, but you may notice your breasts are getting fuller.  Your body has the ability to produce milk   as early as the 2nd trimester so your breasts are expanding for that purpose.  Look for extra supportive maternity bras that have thicker, padded, adjustable straps and multiple hook-and-eye closures for size flexibility throughout the rest of your pregnancy.

    Leading Lady Shirred Front Nursing Bra_bra calendar
3rd Trimester

You’re in the home stretch and by the end of your   pregnancy, your breasts will likely feel heavier than ever.  This is a good time to transition to the   nursing bras you will be wearing in your early days of breastfeeding.  Leisure bras with front closures are   excellent choices, as is anything with give-and-take that will accommodate   milk fluctuations.  Also, nursing bras   with inner slings offer added around-the-clock support, including during   breastfeeding.

   Leading Lady Santoni Nursing Bra_bra calendar
1st Month of Breastfeeding

Your little one is thriving on breast milk now,   and probably feeding often.  Make sure   you’re wearing easy-to-remove nursing attire to make feedings simple.  Nursing camis are perfect for day or night   and can be worn as stand alone tops or layering pieces.  A nursing chemise is another great solution   for easy nighttime feedings.  Nursing   camis and nursing chemises allow for fluctuations in milk supply throughout   the day and night, and are made of soft cottons that will feel silky smooth   against your and your baby’s skin.

    Leading Lady cami_bra calendar
2nd & 3rd Months of Breastfeeding

Your milk supply will start to stabilize and life   will be getting back to normal, with a new addition to the family of   course.  With your physician’s   permission, you’ll likely be returning to more regular activities like   working out and perhaps a date night here and there so you can expand your   nursing bra wardrobe to include sports nursing bras and some sexier   pieces.  There is no need to sacrifice   style as long as your bras are still supportive and comfortable.

    Leading Lady Sexy Lace Cup Bra_bra calendar
Continued Breastfeeding

The American    Academy of Pediatrics   recommends breastfeeding for at least the first year of a baby’s life.  By your 4th month, you will be in a great   routine and can wear any style of nursing bra, including more structured bras   like molded and underwire styles.    These may be most similar to what you wore pre-pregnancy and will work   well with almost anything in your wardrobe.

    Leading Lady Molded Underwire Nursing Bra_bra calendar

We recommend having three of each type of maternity or nursing bra you plan to wear regularly:  one that you’ll always have on, one that needs to be washed and one in the drawer for tomorrow.  You can stock up and save during our “Fall into Savings” sale, going on now.  When you buy 2 or more bras, save 30% off on a regular price bra.

Happy Breastfeeding!

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