Pregnancy Myths Decoded, Old Wives’ Tales Revealed

pregnant-woman-mahalieHas an aunt or friend told you they can predict your baby’s gender by simply looking at your pregnant belly? Old wives tale gender prediction claims are part of the pregnancy mythology, a catalog of hints, tips, and tricks founded on superstition and outdated scientific claims. recently covered 20 of the most prominent pregnancy myths floating around in our culture, and we’re breaking down our favorite myths from the group.

Pregnancy myth: Combat stretch marks with cocoa butter

Pregnancy stretch marks are unavoidable for most women; they range in severity and placement, show up regardless of your baby belly size, and don’t actually appear until the end of the third trimester. Skin experts suggest slathering on creams with almond or shea butter from your first trimester through delivery and even a little after. Stick with a stretch mark product that features ingredients like aloe and sea buckthorn oil (it heals scar tissue). Cocoa butter can make a woman’s skin more sensitive, so that’s why professionals recommend stretch mark products without the tropical ingredient!

Pregnancy myth: Women should avoid foods like smoked salmon, sushi, and hot dogs

The old saying “everything in moderation” seems to be the pregnancy diet model, according to’s pregnancy myth round-up. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and a freshwater fish which lowers the possibility of mercury poisoning. If a pregnant mom-to-be feels uneasy about consuming fish, there are alternative foods that can supplement the same nutrients fish would have. Omega-3s are found in flax seeds, which make a great, nutty addition to any fresh fruit smoothie.

As long as you monitor how much tuna you’re eating (only 12 ounces a week allowed!) and avoid all shark, swordfish, tilefish, and mackerel, experts say that a little sushi won’t hurt your baby. If you have your dietary doubts, just remember—you can go back to whatever food you’re on the fence about while pregnant after the baby’s born. These dietary restrictions are not permanent! Hot dogs are only questionable if they’re not cooked all the way through, so make sure that your designated grill master knows how to properly cook a hot dog!

Pregnancy myth: If you know how your baby’s positioned in your womb, you know if it’s a boy or girl

The old wives’ tale gender prediction game is perfect for your baby shower, but won’t shed light on if you have to paint your nursery blue or pink. The bright side of guessing your baby’s sex is that even if you’re wrong about gender, you’re delivering a beautiful, healthy baby that will be a welcome family addition regardless if it’s a boy or girl. Stock up on onesies in gender-friendly greens, grays, and taupes if you want to have baby’s wardrobe ready before birth. Once your baby is born you can add blues and pinks when appropriate!

Do you have other pregnancy myths or old wives’ tales that you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments!


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